Richard Mayr

Founder and CEO,
ASERVO Software GmbH

Richard Mayr has held various management positions in different companies in the software sector since 1982.

These companies include Micro Focus, Continuus/Telelogic and Merant/Serena. He joined ASERVO AG in August 2004 as a partner and director. In September 2007 he took over the company as sole shareholder and continues to run it as ASERVO Software GmbH.

As a manager with many years of experience in sales organisations, Richard Mayr has the appropriate network and contact with IT users in the area of Central Europe. His international activities and contacts help ASERVO partners and customers, particularly in establishing direct contact with IT manufacturers.

Dominique Thomas Wurzler

Senior Vice President Sales,
ASERVO Software GmbH

Before joining ASERVO Software Dominique was the Vice President and General Manager of CollabNet's EMEA Operations. He joined CollabNet in July 2002 and started the company's European, Middle East and Africa business.

Dominique has over 20 years of experience in launching, running and growing EMEA businesses for North American companies operating on recurring revenue and cloud business models. Prior to CollabNet, Dominique has managed the growth of companies such as QUALYS, Verity (Nasdaq: VRTY acquired by Autonomy) and IDEAssociates (acquired by NLynx) as Regional Sales Director.

Rainer Heinold

VP Technology and Services,
ASERVO Software GmbH

Since more than 20 years Rainer Heinold is an encourager for companies modernizing their development infrastructures and an expert for ALM and DevOps.

Before joining ASERVO Rainer has been Manager of Technical Services in EMEA for CollabNet for over 10 years. During this time he has planned the transition to state-of-the-art methods for very large development teams at companies like CapGemini, Ericsson, NXP and Schneider Electric, conducting implementation together with his team.

Olaf Kosel

Senior Consultant,
ASERVO Software GmbH

Olaf Kosel is ASERVO Software senior consultant and is responsible for Application Lifecycle Management Services.

Olaf Kosel has studied electronics technology with specialisation in hardware-related programming at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He has been a software developer in international projects for several years and since 1996 worked as project and product manager in medium and large size software projects at debis, ICL, Fresenius and a number of SMEs.