CloudBees is the company behind Jenkins, the widely-adopted continuous delivery (CD) platform for DevOps. The company offers its product in two editions.

CloudBees Jenkins Team™ offers verified distribution of Jenkins, consisting of the Jenkins core and a selected series of curated integrations providing stability and interoperability.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise™ provides the base for successful DevOps. It includes all the features in CloudBees Jenkins Team™ and additional enterprise features for:

  • Security to control user access to sensitive projects or deliverables
  • Scalability to grow with teams and projects of any size  
  • Manageability to tame complexity 
  • Resiliency to failure

The ASERVO team has many years of experience with Jenkins support in architecture services, migration and consolidation, especially when it comes to big Jenkins servers. Moreover our expert consultants can help with design and implementation of adapted  enterprise solutions as need be according to instance size.

We are CloudBees Platinum Business and Service Partner - take advantage of the following benefits when ordering Jenkins licences via ASERVO Software  GmbH compared to previous and conventional orders.
ASERVO Software GmbH provides:

  • Professional Jenkins consulting by experienced enterprise consultants
  • Modular, custom-tailored workshops for requirements and Jenkins field analysis
  • Access to long-time Jenkins and CloudBees experts, commercial and open source
  • Jenkins trainings offerings with special focus - e. g. interaction with Groovy 
  • Commercial and technical optimization of licence models - in particular following CloudBees recent change to „named user“