Agile Infrastructure Check


We get your development infrastructure ready for agile work. Our experts analyse your current processes and infrastructure. A summary of the results is provided in the form of a recommendation document, which contains appropriate measures for the objective that we have defined together.


  • Version control and change management
    How do I support an agile approach with my version control?
    How do I work pragmatically based on tasks?
  • Build management and continuous integration
    How do I get to automatic, central builds?
    How does a well-structured filing and management of build results look like? 
  • Test automation
    Which automatic tests make sense on which process level?
    How do I best create and integrate automatic tests?  
  • Deployment 
    What are the options for automatic deployment?
    How can I successively eliminate manual process steps?
    Which data for an automatic deployment comes from where?


Our offer:

Individually configurable consulting services. Please feel free to contact us.


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