Git Process Check


As a distributed versioning tool, Git offers a lot of flexibility. For optimum usage, utilisation within the development process must be defined and implemented cleanly. Our experts check your set-up and provide recommendations for optimisation.


  • Communication in the team
    What tools do you use for team communication?
    Are they integrated with your configuration management set-up?
  • Branching model
    How does your team work with branches?
    Is it clearly defined how important bugfixes are integrated and documented?
  • Repository organisation
    Are all projects neatly divided between development teams and repositories?
    Are there alternative repositories for team communication and personal developer backups?
  • Continuous integration (CI)
    Is Git optimally integrated into your build and deployment system?
    Do developers receive feedback immediately for published changes (e.g., build passed / failed)?
  • Release management
    Are all releases provided with a Git version string?

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