Git vs. Subversion


The most widely used versioning tools are currently Git as a distributed system and Subversion® with its centralised repository approach.

In this workshop, the advantages and disadvantages of both tools are explained and compared. Find out more about the basic concepts and architecture of Subversion and/or Git. In addition to a theoretical introduction, there is also a hands-on session with practical exercises for Subversion and Git inlcuded.


  • Solid knowledge of architecture and functioning of Git and Subversion
  • Knowledge and effective use of the features provided by Subversion
  • Working collectively and in parallel in software projects being managed with Subversion
  • Insight into the functioning of the object database of Git
  • Working with git on the command line
  • Comparison of both concepts



Our offer:

This event is a one-day workshop, which can also be configured individually as an internal company service offer.  Please feel free to contact us.

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