Subversion Process Check


Subversion is a versioning tool with a centralised approach that is very successful and widely used. However, it is often not used optimally in relation to the software development process. Our experts check your set-up and provide recommendations for optimisation.


  • Subversion Concept Assessment
    How familiar is your team with the tool-independent Configuration Management Patterns software (Berczuk / Appleton)?
    Does your team know the concepts of Subversion? 
  • Subversion Usage Assessment  
    How are complex Subversion commands used in the team?
    Can error messages be read correctly, how and where can you get help?
  • Assessment of the branching/merging strategy
    How does the strategy fit into the process?
    Are suitable codeline policies defined? Are Merges technically correct?
  • Repository analysis  
    Does the repository layout satisfy the software process requirements?
    Are there procedural irregularities, what causes could be?

  • Integration check  
    Is the integration with the other tools of your development process well resolved from a global workflow perspective?

You receive a detailed evaluation of our analyses and checks with suggestions for improvements. 


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