Free Application Health Check

Track the status of your applications. Sonatype offers a free Application Health Check providing a bill of materials inventory of your open source and proprietary components. Scan one of you applications - the results may possibly generate surprises.

6 reasons for the Application Health Check:

  1. Software Bill of Materials
  2. Check your "OSS Policy"
  3. Reduce technical/security debt
  4. Search for newly announced vulnerabilities
  5. Comply with government or industry guidelines
  6. Quality checks on outsourced development

What the Application Health Check provides:

  • Summary - Receive a high level summary of the number of components identified, as well as the number and severity of policy, security and license alerts for your components.
  • Security Details - Review and investigate any security vulnerabilities found in your application. See CVSS threat levels, link to the original CVSS, identify the group and the precise artifact and version.
  • License Details - Review and investigate any restrictive licenses found in your applications. License threats are sorted and color coded by severity. See the group, artifact and version.