July 2019

EURODOG celebrates Germany premiere

In March 2019, events of EURODOG, the "European DevOps Group", took place for the first time. At the event on March 13, 2019 in Berlin ASERVO was on site with colleagues.

EURODOG is the European offshoot of NADOG, the North American DevOps Group, which calls itself the "Learning & Networking Community for DevOps, Agile & CI/CD" and has been offering free events in North America since last year. On the one hand, these meetings offer the opportunity to interact with representatives of sponsors and promoters such as CloudBees, GitHub, Google Cloud, JFrog or Sonatype, of which many are among our partners. On the other hand, there is always a lecture on a current topic on the agenda. The organizers are mindful of technical depth. A key feature of the events is that they are intended exclusively for IT practitioners and executives and that sales representatives, recruiters, etc. are expressly not welcome. This should help maintain a pleasant climate and focus clearly on the technical issues. It remains to be hoped that the organizers will continue this policy in the future.

The talk in Berlin was given by Viktor Farcic, a developer for Jenkins X at CloudBees, and was titled "Running Serverless Continuous Delivery". The idea is to stop using dedicated hardware for CI services and their build agents, as in the worst cases they either idle most of the time or only react very slowly due to excessive loads. Instead, container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes in this case, can be used to dynamically allocate resources from a cluster as needed to run the build job or deployment in a container.

Jenkins X is based on the normal Jenkins, which is used among other things as a pipeline engine. Jenkins X automates and simplifies many tasks, such as creating pipelines, deploying environments, and using modern development workflows. It is optimized for the public cloud, but can also be used in the private cloud / on-premises with a little extra work.

All in all so 'thumbs up' for the German premiere of EURODOG - we are looking forward to upcoming events.

Do you have questions about Jenkins X? With in-depth know-how on Kubernetes and Jenkins, we are pleased to advise and assist you on this. Contact us.