CloudBees Accelerator


CloudBees Accelerator is a build and test acceleration platform for make-based, Android AOSP, Embedded Linux, BitBake, and Visual Studio build environments. It  parallelizes software tasks intelligently and automatically across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs to dramatically lower build and test cycle times.

Key functions:

Build Acceleration

  • Accelerates Android AOSP and Embedded Linux builds ≥ 20x
  • Discovers and optimizes dependencies
  • Guarantees software build correctness
  • Eliminates redundant work through build avoidance


Test Acceleration

  • Improves quality by running more tests more frequently as part of CI cycle
  • Accelerates both unit test and static code analysis test cycles
  • Shifts testing left to find bugs earlier


Resource Optimization

  • Builds faster on less than half the infrastructure
  • Bursts to cloud during peak times
  • Eliminates surprise cloud charges from zombie build or test instances

Our opinion

CloudBees Accelerator helps organizations create more time for experimentation and iteration by accelerating build times and shortening QA and security testing cycles. A reasonable approach to accelerate your development velocity by 2-3x and save 50% or more on your infrastructure costs.

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