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CloudBees CI (formerly Core or Jenkins Enterprise™) is the Jenkins package for companies that view the stable and secure operation of Jenkins as business-critical. The package includes a series of enterprise-level plug-ins, which help to manage Jenkins optimally and operate it safely. CloudBees CI Operations Center provides centralized visibility and resource management across multiple Jenkins masters.

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The subscription also includes support for open-source Jenkins and all open-source community plug-ins with guaranteed SLAs.


Key functions:

  • Pipeline feature for establishing a complex continuous delivery pipeline together with a visualisation of the individual pipeline stages
  • High-availability solution that ensures a hot standby is available
  • Backup Scheduling plug-in for ensuring a professional backup strategy
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) plug-in provides sophisticated access control
  • Validated Merge plug-in checks the source code prior to a merge to avoid broken builds
  • VMware ESXi/vSphere Auto-Scaling plug-in for the optimum use of pooled VMWare machines as slaves
  • Templates plug-in generates jobs based on configuration information stored centrally
  • Folders plug-in/Folders Plus plug-in assists with the set-up of job hierarchies or specific job taxonomies in order to improve the management of a large number of jobs
  • Custom Update Center plug-in for hosting own update centre
  • PlugIn Usage plug-in tracks which plug-ins are being used in which jobs
  • Fast Archiver plug-in enables builds to be created more quickly thanks to faster archive uploads
  • Label Throttled Build Execution plug-in speeds up multiple builds in a targeted manner
  • Even Load Strategy plug-in enables the Jenkins default slave algorithm to be changed

Our opinion

Jenkins is currently the OSS continuous integration server per se and can be used in virtually any area thanks to a wide variety of plug-ins. The CloudBees CI package offers additional plug-ins, which provide further clear benefits when it comes to professional utilisation in the company.

In addition to security and performance aspects, they also address governance and stack management topics based on practical experience.

The professional support provided by committers from the community is essential for companies that build, test and deploy business-critical applications based on Jenkins.


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