CloudBees DevOptics


CloudBees DevOptics provides insights into the end-to-end application delivery stream, creating a holistic view of the software delivery process. With this valuable insight, organizations can now increase collaboration, identify ROI from DevOps initiatives and optimize their DevOps investments.

Key functions:

End-to-end visibility

  • Collect and correlate data across the application delivery process
  • Comprehensive views of all changes in software delivery process

Find blockers & dependencies

  • Drill down quickly to where changes are choking the pipeline
  • Colour coding identifies failed jobs and impact on dependent components

Connect applications to teams

  • Filters answer who, what, where and when a change was made
  • Create context between teams, applications and their tools

Our opinion

CloudBees DevOptics is a controlling and management tool, with an explicit focus on optimizing software­ delivery pipelines, providing in particular software authorities with more insight and clear approaches for their development and delivery process.  Due to its process automation relevance ASERVO has primed the products field use in cooperation with customers at its market entry to gain expertise and experience.

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