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Subversion Edge provides a simple and fast way to install and configure Subversion servers. It includes a fully automatic installer and updater for certified stacks of Subversion Apache HTTP Server and ViewVC with a browser-based interface. The graphical UI and the user and repository management simplify the installation, administration, usage and operation of the entire Subversion environment. This helps to save time. The update mechanisms provided notify users when new software or components are available. A wizard-controlled routine enables the installation to be completed directly via a web UI.

Key functions:

  • Web UI-based administration of Subversion repositories (new ones, access rights, renaming, deletions)
  • Role-based access
  • Source code viewer
  • Server health monitoring (throughput, capacity)
  • Automatic repository backup and restore
  • One-click updates and upgrades

Our opinion

Subversion Edge, as a supplement to Subversion, is a unique open source tool that enables you to set up and support your Subversion environment. Without Subversion Edge, administration quickly becomes complex and laborious.


Our services

We optimise the use of Subversion Edge for you by:


Workshop ‚Git vs. Subversion‘

The most widely used versioning tools are currently Git as a distributed system and Subversion® with its centralised repository approach.

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Subversion Technical Check

The Technical Check examines all basic points of your Subversion infrastructure and server systems.

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Subversion Process Check

Subversion is a versioning tool with a centralised approach that is very successful and widely used. However, it is often not used optimally in relation to the software development process. Our experts check your set-up and provide recommendations for optimisation.

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Subversion Firedrill

Irrespective of the stability of Subversion, our experience has shown that data inconsistencies can still occur due to hardware defects, unexpected power failures despite a UPS and other difficulties. Within the sc

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Workshop ‚Version control with Apache™ Subversion®‘

Subversion® is a powerful tool with versatile functions. Following a relatively short learning period, utilisation is simplified considerably – above all when all participants have a similar level of knowledge of Subversion. Users switching from other versioning systems will notice many similarit

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Workshop ‚Apache™ Subversion® Administration’

Subversion® administrators have numerous tasks to complete. They maintain the central Subversion server, take care of backups and data consistency in Subversion repositories and often support SVN users when it comes to client-side p

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Workshop ‚Apache™ Subversion® Hook Skript Programming’

Subversion® hook scripts enable Subversion to be integrated seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures and development processes. They distribute messages in real time on the events in Subversion repositories, ensure communication takes place between Subversion and other software systems, and he

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All of the licensed products sold by us include support contracts in line with the SLA level selected by the respective customer.


As an open source tool, Subversion only provides the community as a platform for support and service requests. However, for professional and commercial use it is important that technical problems and requests are dealt with in accordance with

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