Enterprise Git


Enterprise Git integrates git repositories with regard to centralised permission management, uniform code specifications, security and review workflows in the ALM tool stack TeamForge. This means git and Subversion repositories as well as other VCSs can be administered and used in parallel and in a uniform manner via a common ALM tool stack. What’s more, projects from Subversion, IBM Rational ClearCase or CVS can be migrated simply and step by step to git while maintaining the ALM tool stack.

The additional functions provided by Enterprise Git provide git with the tools it needs for use in large organisations. All git benefits can be used without compromising the high demands of a professional organisation in relation to security and compliance.

Key functions:

  • Central control via DVCS
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Removal of erroneous Git code commits when archiving

Our opinion

Enterprise Git allows git to be used with Subversion, IBM Rational Clearcase or CVS. Enterprise Git is ideal for organisations that need to operate and administer multiple different VCSs alongside git first of all. The step-by-step migration from X to git is possible at any time under these conditions.

Our services

We optimise the use of Enterprise Git for you by:


Seminar ‚migration from X to Git‘

Even well-established commercial CM systems like ClearCase, Synergy, PVCS/Dimensions, VSS, etc.

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Seminar ‚CM for decision-makers‘

Process models provide some orientation for process improvements but leave a lot of room for interpretation with regard to specific implementation.

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All of the licensed products sold by us include support contracts in line with the SLA level selected by the respective customer.


As an open source tool, Git only provides the community as a platform for support and service requests. However, for professional and commercial use it is important that technical problems and requests are dealt with in accordance with

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Custom Toolstack

Our custom tool stack support is based on a tool stack defined with the customer.  The customer receives a central contact person for all support enquiries regarding the specific stack.

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