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As universal Artifact Repository Manager, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. Artifactory is the only enterprise-ready repository manager available today, supporting secure, clustered, High Availability Docker registries. Integrating with all major CI/CD and DevOps tools, it provides an end-to-end, automated and bullet-proof solution for tracking artifacts from development to production.

Artifactory is available in different versions:

Artifactory Pro exposes  a set of professional add-ons on top of those already available to you from Artifactory Open Source.

Key functions:

  • Virtually any packaging system is supported
    Access Java, NuGet, Npm, YUM, Debian and RubyGems repositories and more
  • Integrate with any build tool
    Maven, Gradle, Ivy and more
  • Deploy through industry standard CI servers
    Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and more. Even cloud-based CI servers are supported.
  • Access a host of advanced features
    Repository replication, REST API, license control and open source governance, security and access control, flexible search, monitoring and maintenance, customization and more


Artifactory SaaS

Artifactory Cloud is JFrog's SaaS-based solution for managing artifacts and binary repositories in the cloud with the full power of Artifactory Pro. No need to customize a dedicated machine, set-up HTTP access rules, install software, configure commonly accessed public remote repositories, maintain and monitor the service, manage backups, and so on. Just set up your own repository in the cloud.

Key functions:

  • Instant set-up and configuration
  • Interactive dashboard
    Manage your repositories and account. Get instant information about your usage and fully control the set-up of your repositories and subscription package.
  • Minimized hardware footprint
    No dedicated hardware to buy, install or configure. Minimal costs to set-up and maintain your repository server.
  • Secure and reliable
    Your Artifactory server in the cloud is installed on fully redundant hardware and is constantly monitored by JFrog staff. 
  • Periodic backups
  • Private and protected
  • Complete access control
    Manage internal groups and users to control access to your repositories.


Artifactory Enterprise

Artifactory Enterprise is a robust and performant binary repository manager through a redundant network architecture. As for its architecture, Artifactory Enterprise is the first binary repository manager to fully support clustering with out-of-the-box active/active server set-up. The network topology is comprised of a Load Balancer connected to two or more Artifactory servers that share a common database and Network File Server. All Artifactory servers are connected through the internal LAN in order to stay synchronized and notify each other of actions performed in the system instantaneously.


Load balancer ensures optimal distribution of requests to the different servers enabling consistent response times even with heavy load on the system.

Multiple Artifactory servers ensure your system has no single point of failure. In case of service interruption with any of the Artifactory servers, failover mechanisms will route requests to the remaining servers in the system. This also means that you can perform most system maintenance tasks with zero downtime.

Key functions:

  • Maximize uptime
    No single-point-of failure means your system can continue to operate as long as at least one of the Artifactory nodes is operational - achieve up to five-nines availability.
  • Accommodate larger load bursts
    With horizontal server scalability, you can increase your capacity with no compromise to performance and meet any increasing load requirements as your organization grows.
  • Multiple server architecture
    By implementing redundancy, Artifactory Enterprise allows you to continue running while performing the vast majority of maintenance tasks.
  • S3 object storage
    Move your filestore to the cloud and let it grow as much as needed on any S3 compliant object storage provider.
  • Multi-push Replication
    Replicate any repository to multiple target sites simultaneously.

Our opinion

JFrog is a fast growing player in the market - and definitely deserves attention. ASERVO Software likes the energy of innovation that JFrog is showing especially around the Artifactory Repository and how this materializes into new features and offerings.

With the continuous improvements and the extensions with new package types and integrations Artifactory can act as an essential backbone for all kinds of software development teams.


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