JFrog Xray


JFrog Xray performs universal component analysis, recursively scanning all layers of an organization’s binary packages to provide radical transparency and insight into their software architecture. JFrog Xray works with most package formats and is fully integrated with JFrog Artifactory.

Key functions:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Deep Recursive Scanning
  • Automation Through an Open API
  • Dependency Tracking
  • Continuous Synchronization
  • Reports
  • IDE Integration
  • CI-CD Integration

Our opinion

JFrog is a fast growing player in the market - and definitely deserves attention. ASERVO Software likes the growing portfolio to address specific topics that need to be addressed in an enterprise context, irrespectively of the size.…

Xray is an valuable source for information and allows you to get detailed insight into the risks of components, particularly concerning 2nd or 3rd level dependencies. Based on this you can take the right corrective actions with good support for developers.

Our services

  • QuickStart installation packages
  • Individual Trainings
  • Consulting on configuring Xray

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