Sonatype Nexus Repository Managers


Nexus OSS is the open source version of the Nexus Repository Manager. Thanks to its proxy functions, it enables open source components from public repositories to be cached internally as well as the hosting of software components developed in-house. Nexus Pro extends the Nexus OSS features to include build promotion, staging support and extensive authentication and authorisation functions. Nexus Pro also offers meta data management as well as support for distributed teams and high availability functionality.

Overview of the functions of Nexus OSS und Nexus Pro:

Functions Description Nexus

Repository management

Management for proxy, hosted and virtual repositories    

Component search

Component identification using various search criteria and identification of transitive dependencies without use of external tools


Meta data

Add ‚key-value pair‘ annotations to relocate according components by search


Comprehensive tool and repository support

Build tool support for Maven, Ant/Ivy, Gradle and support of various repository formats such as Maven1/2/3, NuGet, npm, RPM/Yum, RubyGems, OBR/OSGI, P2, APT, Bower, PyPI and Docker


Fine-granular access control

User-customized create, read, update and delete rights, up to single component level


Enterprise authentication

Beyond basic LDAP, Enterprise LDAP (caching support, various LDAP server, templates, failover etc.), Atlassian crowd integration, SSL certificate management and user token support


Staging and release

Direct deloyment to selected repository using according build or deployment tool. Nexus Pro also offers a dedicated security setup, automated validation of defined rules and release Re-Run.


Component fabric

Simple synchronised component access for distributed teams or organisations, based on intelligent system with storage replications


Enterprise support

Technical support from Nexus Repository Manager experts with guaranteed SLA including 24/7 option


Additional component information

Access to various additional component information including age, popularity, security vulnerabilities and license issues.


Integrations, plug-ins

Many integrations and extensions including support for Docker Images, Chef and Puppet or CLI. Nexus' open source community adds constantly new extensions.


Our opinion

The utilisation of a central artefact repository and a powerful repository manager is a matter of course nowadays for professional software development. In the enterprise environment, requirements almost always exist in the areas of authentication/authorisation, distributed development and manufacturer support, which can be covered easily when using Nexus Pro.

The company behind Nexus is Sonatype, who is the initiator of the Maven project and a pioneer when it comes to central artefact repositories. This is one of the reasons why we think Nexus is a very good choice.

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