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ScrumWorks® Pro was developed to master the requirement of agile software development. ScrumWorks Pro is now being used by thousands of agile software developers around the world, who benefit from outstanding project transparency and more team spirit. From a business management perspective, administrative outlay is reduced in favour of increased product quality, lower project costs and reduced development risks. Its powerful properties and ease of use have made this tool one of the leading systems in the world of agile software development.

Key functions:

  • Web-based planning
  • Web-based dashboard
  • Task board and “My Tasks” view
  • Custom status fields and workflows
  • Custom and standard reports

Our opinion

ScrumWorks Pro is a simple tool that you can learn to use quickly and that supports agile teams with the planning and implementation of agile projects.

Our services

We optimise the use of ScrumWorks Pro for you by:


Agile Infrastructure Check

We get your development infrastructure ready for agile work. Our experts analyse your current processes and infrastructure. A summary of the results is provided in the form of a recommendation document, which contains appropriate measures for the objective that we have defined together.

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Workshop ‘Agile and Scrum Essentials’

The “Agile and scrum essentials” workshop introduces participants to the most important aspects of an agile team. Successful agility requires close cooperation and the permanent exchange of information in the team.

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Agile Coaching

Even the best training doesn’t guarantee successful implementation of your agile plans. That is why we recommend supporting your scrum teams with regular coaching aligned with their requirements. Experienced trainers and coaches bring in their experience and techniques gained from numerous projec

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Seminar ‘Certified CSM (Certified Scrum Master)’

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) seminar runs over two days and is interactive. Die Kurse werden von zertifizierten Scrum Trainern unserer Partnerfirmen durchgeführt. The courses are held by certified scrum trainers of our partner companies.

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Seminar ‘Certified SPO (Scrum Product Owner)’

The CSPO seminar provides knowledge on the product vision and ROI optimisation. The subject of interaction with the specialist areas and customers also plays an important role.

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All of the licensed products sold by us include support contracts in line with the SLA level selected by the respective customer.


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