Jira Software


Jira Software is a project planning and tracking tool produced by Atlassian that is particularly well suited to software teams. The combination of an efficient workflow engine with the key elements of agile development such as flexible scrum and kanban boards plus real-time reporting make the web-based Jira Software stand out. 

Jira Software also integrates the latest developer tools so it can be used as a single point of information in a software project. Thus all key information about a project is available in real time, the detailed status of the development, as well as tracking, releasing and reporting are only a click away.

Key functions: 

  • Freely configurable issue types 
  • Portfolio and team planning, backlog management and sprints across freely configurable agile boards
  • Extensive out-of-the box portfolio of reports and charts 
  • Release hub with dashboard for release real time overview 
  • International language support including German and time zone support

Our opinion

Jira Software is a flexible software planning and workflow tool with a modern interface, which is in keeping with the times. It has a high profile and high distribution levels, and is readily accepted by developers as well as management. 

The Atlassian marketplace is home to a plurality of integrations with other tools in the software development stack and a large number of useful plugins. Jira Software is suitable for small teams as well as for larger organisations when combined with other Atlassian products. Given the respective number of integrations and add-ons used, extensive installations need to be actively managed in terms of scaling and upgrades.

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