CloudBees CD


CloudBees CD (formerly CloudBees Flow) is an application release orchestration platform that can help by automating and orchestrating software releases, pipelines, and deployments - personalized for each user - with the analytics and insight to measure, track and improve results.

  • One tool to control all releases
  • Deploy software reliably and repeatedly
  • Enforce compliance easily


Key functions:

Deployment Automation

  • Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale.

Release Orchestration

  • Manage release pipelines and dependencies across all your teams, DevOps tools and environments.

DevOps Insight

  • Track progress and growth and identity patterns with all around visibility into metrics across deployments and releases.

Unified Platform

  • Eliminate silos and reduce management overhead with a scalable, secure and centralized platform.

Personalized for all DevOps use cases

  • Build multiple role-based views to enable each team member real-time access to the same info in a way that is meaningful to their area of focus.

Our opinion

We like the singular engine approach for a complete view into their entire release process. The key to accelerate time to revenue is through the creation, versioning and sharing of multiple delivery pipelines and environments. Using customizable automation this can eliminate steps, especially errors caused by manual handoffs and scripts.

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