CloudBees Feature Flags


Feature flags (also referred to as feature toggles or feature switches) are used wherever new software code should be tested and ready for deployment as quickly as possible. They allow to show or hide selected parts of an application by configuration.

Feature flags are known for testing in production along with a variety of other developer-centric use cases, however “homegrown” or open source flagging solutions cannot scale or provide the needed level of governance and security for enterprises over time.

CloudBees Enterprise Feature Flags (formerly Rollout) platform helps you separate releases from deployment, allowing increased time for development and safer, quicker releases.

CloudBees Feature Flags works with microservices, with teams practicing CD or even legacy apps. It provides existing apps a more powerful way of launching features without necessarily changing their architecture or deployment.


Key functions:

Faster Delivery

  • Deliver code to production environments as soon as it’s complete-- or even sooner. Don’t wait for a feature to trickle out across multiple servers in a highly scaled application; turn it on all at once when it’s ready, or selectively enable it for users.


  • Test new code safely in production with blue/green and canary deployments. If a bug is discovered-- even days later-- don’t wait for a costly rollback of the whole application or a time-consuming patch and release process; just turn off that feature right away and then repair it.


  • Turn specific features on or off for particular customers, based on preferences, location, licensing, etc.

Our opinion

CloudBees Feature Flags is made for enterprise use. As the product is able to scale to the needs of the business, problems caused by “homegrown” or OS solutions can be avoided, such as missing cross-team visibility, missing involvement of non-technical colleagues wanting to be involved and questions from the security team on how features are being flagged, what user data is being stored where, and what internal policies are followed for flagging.

Moreover, it allows for experimentation - how does this feature impact revenue, user engagement, etc? Is it more effective with the big logo or a small one? Enable features only for certain customers to perform A/B testing. Analyze your metrics to make a data-driven decision about what works best.

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