Open Telekom Cloud


The Open Telekom Cloud is a low-cost, scalable and easy-to-use cloud infrastructure solution based on OpenStack from Telekom’s highly secure data centres in Germany. It can be used both for the operation of a DevOps tool chain itself and for the flexible provision of environments, such as development, integration, pre-production & production. 

Key functions:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Within the Open Telekom Cloud, it ensures that only the user in question has access to the data and services.
  • Cloud Container Engine (CCE): This enables platform-independent work via the cloud using containers, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Hybrid Cloud: The Open Telekom Cloud is also available with the same hardware and software as a hybrid solution.
  • Key Management Service: Management of user keys for secure access to data.
  • Auto Scaling Cloud Resources: An Elastic Cloud Server monitors vCPU and RAM utilisation and scales it flexibly.
  • Object Storage Service: Allows large amounts of data to be stored cost-effectively and securely, ideal for long-term storage.


Our opinion

With a managed Kubernetes cluster, the industry standard for the operation of a container-based application stack is available. In this respect, the user knows they are relying on a secure, future-proof solution. At ASERVO we ourselves also base our tool chains on Docker / Kubernetes and recommend this to our customers due to the possibilities of flexible deployment, if their IT already permits it. The Open Telekom Cloud enables a low-risk transition to the cloud. You can simply get started in the Virtual Private Cloud using the open standard OpenStack, and move to a real private cloud for higher security requirements without changing the cloud software (API).

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