Jira Admin, Part 1 & 2


Atlassian Jira today is one of the most commonly used tools to manage projects in software development, IT and business. The strengths of Jira include high flexibility and adaptability. To take advantage of these benefits, the system administrator needs a lot of know-how to implement wanted adaptions.

Exactly this knowledge is conveyed in the "Jira Admin, Part 1 & 2" seminar.


Part 1

  • Configuration of Jira Systems
  • Setting-Up users and groups in Jira
  • Management of global permissions
  • Creation and configuration of projects
  • Configuration of project roles and permissions

Part 2

  • Configuring issue types, fields and screens
  • Customization of Workflows
  • Configuring Board and Sprint Permission
  • Applying new configurations to projects

Our offer:

Two-day seminar, which can also be configured individually as an internal company service offer. Please feel free to contact us.

Are you interested in other  Jira topics? We are happy to provide you with a customized offer.


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