Migration from X to Git


Even well-established commercial CM systems like ClearCase, Synergy, PVCS/Dimensions, VSS, etc. have to make way for systems like Git + add-ons in many larger organisations for reasons of efficiency, cost and consolidation.

The seminar focuses on the challenges of a migration from X to Git. The concepts of the tools are compared, migration paths for the move from X to Git are discussed and gone through in essence, and all important topics regarding migration are talked about in detail.


  • Becoming acquainted with possibilities of migration. The ability to assess migration possibilities
  • Understanding of the difference between established CM tools and Git
  • Acquisition and exchange of knowledge about planning and conducting a migration project


Our offer:

This event is a one-day seminar, which can also be configured individually as an internal company service offer.  Please feel free to contact us.

Find more information about the seminar's content, target audience and prerequisites in our datasheet, avalailable for download in the right-hand column.


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