Project Automation Based on CM


Project automation not only leads to faster, independent development cycles but also optimises the quality of results thanks to repeatable, consistent processes. This seminar covers the concepts and areas of professional and profitable project automation on the basis of open-source tools and compares their performance.

The distributed system Git, and Subversion with its central repository approach, are the most popular tools at present. Subversion is a powerful tool with a multitude of functionalities. The distributed nature of Git allows for rapid and flexible development and experimentation, notably even at times without direct access to the (corporate) mainframe. Nevertheless, centralized forms of organization are still possible with Git, without giving up the benefits of distributed version control.



  • Solid knowledge of architecture and functioning of Git and Subversion
  • Knowledge and effective use of the features provided by Subversion
  • working collectively and in parallel in software projects being managed with Subversion
  • insight into the functioning of the object database of Git
  • working with git on the command line
  • comparison of both concepts



Our offer:

This event is a one-day workshop, which can also be configured individually as an internal company service offer.  Please feel free to contact us.

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